Bring Us Your Tired, Your Poor, Your Hot… Topics

It’s that time of year, my friends – time for the annual pilgrimage to NBAA’s Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition! I love convention in any location – it feels like a giant family reunion to me – but I particularly enjoy the Orlando version. My first NBAA convention was in Orlando. The hotels are closer together than in Atlanta or Vegas so it seems easier to meet (or just run into) friends and colleagues. The weather is usually pleasant. What’s not to love?

This year it’s not all fun and games for me. I actually have responsibilities too (gasp!). I’m moderating “Part 135 Compliance Hot Topics”, a session that will feature attorney Kent Jackson of Jackson & Wade and Tim Sullivan of Chantilly Air. In this session we will discuss current Part 135 hot topics and challenges related to regulatory compliance and educate attendees on various methods to mitigate regulatory enforcement action, including voluntary disclosure reporting programs, aviation safety action programs, and more. Hot topics to be discussed will include:

  • Flight Crew Records
  • Part 135 Flight Training Programs, Check Airmen, and Instructors
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Operational Control
  • Exclusive Use Aircraft
  • Legalization of Recreational Marijuana in Two States

We won’t be PowerPoint-ing you to death. This will basically be a discussion among three friends that happens to take place in front of a live studio audience (which hopefully will include you). If you know any of the three of us, you know the style will be pretty casual and we will strive to entertain as well as educate. The session will be more like reading this blog than reading the FARs!

So join us Wednesday, October 22 at 1:30 PM at NBAA2014 and be sure to bring some of your hot questions about Part 135 compliance!

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