Are You Compliant? Learn More about Regulatory Compliance at Upcoming Course (And Have Fun Too!)

NBAA will be hosting “Regulatory Compliance and Documentation” on September 14 in Washington, DC. The course will include an overview of various federal and state regulatory requirements facing aircraft owners and operators and discuss real-life methods for complying with those requirements.

Kent Jackson and Kali Hague, both of law firm Jackson & Wade, LLC, will be presenting. I will be attending as well, mostly to heckle assist the speakers.

Kent and Kali will share how to stay current with changing regulatory requirements; discuss documentation requirements in the digital age; present pros and cons of compliance with best practices, including Safety Management Systems; and more.

The course promises not to be just educational, but also engaging and entertaining. If you are familiar with these presenters’ expertise and speaking style, you know you will walk away with practical advice for your flight department or business and also have a fun day. A fun day while learning valuable information from very knowledgeable presenters? Sounds great to me!

Click here for more information or to register.

The course is part of NBAA’s Professional Development Program (PDP) but is open to all business aviation professionals.

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